Current Creative Processes

Come and see Talia's continued work on "Onion Dances" in the next few months!

August 21 (at 7PM) Scratch Night at FringeArts. Free.

September 9th (at 6:30PM) Showing/Feedback Session at Kol Tzedek's Black Box space. Free

 September 22 (at 7PM), 23 and 24 (at 4PM and 7PM) Onion Dances Premiere at the Community Education Center (CEC) in West Philly. Tickets are $15, available here.

Click here to see video footage of "Onion Dances" from SoLowFest 2016.

To read Gregory King's review of "Onion Dances," click here

"Onion Dances" is an evening-length autobiographical solo. In the solo, I explore my Jewish American roots, as a descendent of Jews that came to the United States at the time of the Civil War. The Rees family helped to found the largest Reform synagogue in Minneapolis in 1878. I am conducting an oral history project as an ongoing component of "Onion Dances" because our family has few written records about our ancestors. They were interesting humanitarians, artists, peace activists, social workers, postal workers, and more. This piece is political and deeply personal and anchored in my family’s past, as well as my present as a millennial. 

Nostalgia, or collective memory, is not the recollection of past events but rather the physical act of recreating those events in the present. Going backwards is the same as going forward, because both history and the future retrace the same old paths.
— Rebecca Rossen, "Dancing Jewish"

Talia is always looking for performance opportunities! If you are interested in having excerpts or the entirety of  "Onion Dances" in a festival or show, email Talia at