Come see photographs, objects, and video work created in residency with Dance Exchange and the Schuylkill Center for Environmental Education.

The exhibit is at the Center for Emerging Visual Artists in Rittenhouse Square and is free and open to the public until February 8th.

Photograph by Zeke Leonard.


"ginkgo" is a collaborative dance piece created by Talia Mason and choreographer, ecologist and artist Christina Catanese. "ginkgo" explores the relationship between remembering and forgetting, erasures of time, and ginkgo as a medicinal herb for memory retention.

See “ginko” in action at Leah Stein’s Studio Works!

Come and see a 20-minute excerpt of “ginkgo” on March 11th at 7PM! Details to follow!


Nostalgia, or collective memory, is not the recollection of past events but rather the physical act of recreating those events in the present. Going backwards is the same as going forward, because both history and the future retrace the same old paths.
— Rebecca Rossen, "Dancing Jewish"

Talia is always looking for performance opportunities! If you are interested in having excerpts or the entirety of  "Onion Dances" in a festival or show, email Talia at