Artist Statement

I choreograph worlds that are gauzy and based in memory.  I grew up in a house of poetry, a galaxy of words that influences my dances.  There is poetic logic engrained in everything I make, from dances to doodles, from soup recipes to speaking French.  I am not a precise baker but a cook interested in experimentation.  I cook up dances that mix a modern dance vernacular with French and English, poetry, video, and everyday movement. My dances start with language and move towards movement.  My time at the Liz Lerman Dance Exchange radically shifted my notion of what dance is and who a dancer can be. I choreograph dances because I believe wholeheartedly that ordinary bodies can do extraordinary things; I believe that anyone can dance and that everyone should dance.  My work doesn’t end with a period but rather with ellipses…allowing audiences to question what they have seen.  My dances open windows and doors.  My dances unclutter attics filled with memory, magnify voices that appear ant-like in this world.  My dances speak.

If you are interested in seeing my dance curriculum vitae, please click here

Teaching Statement

I believe that as a teacher, it is my responsibility to use all of my individual strengths and gifts to help a student learn.  I believe in multi-disciplinary approaches to teaching.  I believe that every student's voice matters.  Many of my teaching philosophies are rooted in my time with the Liz Lerman Dance Exchange (now Dance Exchange).  Liz Lerman, one of the pioneers of intergenerational modern dance companies, taught me that "everyone can dance," and in turn, that has pushed me to believe that anyone can learn, when given the appropriate means.  I have taught French and Dance to K-8th as well as on the college level.  I fundamentally feel that creativity is essential in ensuring that a student remain interested and exciting about the learning process.  Whether teaching Dance or French, I foster respect, growth, hard work, and creativity in my classroom.  I use a combination of learned choreographic toolbox techniques and dance theater methods such as improvisation to create a safe space within my dancing classroom.  I find myself the most alive in the classroom and I teach because I want to help others find their voices creatively and linguistically.  If interested in being tutored in French or having me come and teach dance to young people, please contact me at