Well, after way too long away from Onion Dances, I am back to work! I've been working on a seven-minute version of the piece (both new and old components) for Scratch Night in March! Balancing my full-time teaching job with an arts practice has proved a struggle, but I am slowly finding more time for my art, and more time for this work.

The goal as of now is to produce a solo show for Fringe 2017. The piece will be much more involved than what I produced for SoLowFest 2016. There will be onions chopped on stage, more time devoted to dance, and deep explorations of what Judaism means to me and my family.  I am currently digging through the archives that my family has for family stories--from my great grandmother's novel, as well as my maternal grandmother's stories.

So what questions are hot for me right now? Here are a couple:

-What role does storytelling play in telling a solo narrative?

-How can the feeling of tumbleweeds be reproduced on stage?

-What is too personal to share? Too private? Too intimate?

-How can the stories of my past inform my future and future works?

-Where does this dance live? 

Keep checking back here for updates on the process, developments in the work, and discoveries made in the studio!